Network and party at the same time

BD: What is the jump off all about?
TL: The JUMP OFF sessions were created to bridge the gap between suburbia & kasi partying by spawning a niche and unique market where people from different areas can have a platform to meet up, network and most of all, have the time of their lives.

BD: Where is it held?
TL: Urban grill lifestyle (1209 Modjadji Street, Pimville Soweto, Gauteng)

BD: How often is it held?
TL: Every 1ST Saturday of the month (excluding June, July)

BD: What made you come up with this idea?
TL: In Soweto there was a huge gap in the market for exquisite events that are often held in the north of Johannesburg so we decided to bring the north to the townships thus spawning a new market that would accommodate both people who are from the north and have always like to party in the “hood” and also have people from the hood have the north experience right at home.

BD: Who do you work with?
TL: I work with 4 of my partners

BD: Is there an age limit?
TL: The age limit is from 21 – 45 (depend how young at heart you are)

BD: In a time of conspicuous consumption and bling culture, do you manage to remain tasteful or is it for the “bring what you got” culture?
TL: We try to bring forth a culture of unity non-discrimination and yes the lavish life is portrayed through the décor of the event and the rather expensive cognac and vodka spirits sold there. But all in all our objective is to make the consumer have the time of their lives with good people, great music, good food and good drinks.

BD: Is there a business model?
TL: Yes and that is to acquire income from our ticket sales at the gate, the delicious food and a profit from the alcohol we also do merchandising by selling the jump off apparel, do social media campaign for awareness. Online music podcasts (called the jump casts) you can enjoy which make the brand live beyond than just the events side of things. So it’s a 360 approach.

BD: Are you helping any individuals grow in any way, business, skills, opportunities, exposure with this business?
TL: Yes a portion of our deejays are usually home-grown unknown talent and we put them out there to be discovered at our event or through our social media channels, we also use the locals to be our waitresses and security thus creating employment for individuals who are around the area.

BD: Who is/are your inspiration?
TL: Our inspiration when we started used to be pop bottles but now it’s your likes of Coachella, back to the city, rocking the daisies.

BD: Do black’s just want to party?
TL: No, black people want to network above everything because everyone is looking for an opportunity to get the right contact in order to expand in what they’re doing or introducing a new product of their own, then the partying comes after which, I won’t lie, is in our culture too.

BD: How do you take care of things like security and safety?
TL: We have our own security & bouncers that we employ on the day of our events and we keep a very sophisticated crowd so it’s always a good safe time whenever it’s popping at the jump off

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