Drew Sanudi: When pencils are your best friends because you pursued your passion.

Drew Sanudi is a young man and one happy soul who loves spending time alone with his pencils and some good Old RnB music. He describes himself as friendly, hardworking and trustworthy. We spoke to him:

DS: I grew up in Malawi where my mum is from. I am the first born in a family of two boys and two girls, brought up by both parents even though along the way they separated. Our dad passed away in 2007.

BD: It is always a blow to lose a parent.
DS: Indeed, but nonetheless our upbringing was one of a kind. It was full of love and laughter and all other amazing family things.

BD: How did you get interested in art?
DS: The interest came in late 2014 when I came across some UK’s based artist. His hyperrealism drawings are out of this world. So from then I started challenging myself to see whether I could do the same and day by day through trying or say teaching myself I ended up getting closer to knowing how to draw.

BD: How did you progress thereafter?
DS: So mid last year when I started getting more people asking if I could draw them or draw someone they wanted, I made a decision that I would never do it for free again. Actually, it was not because I didn’t want to but because the material that I now use is too expensive for me to be drawing for free.

BD: Did you try and study formally?
DS: I studied for a Diploma in journalism. But then as years passed by I decided that I had chosen a wrong Qualification! Fortunately my mum does not have a problem with what I do. I am an artist!

BD: And art studies specifically?
DS: Nope I didn’t study anything to do with art, but I am considering it, or maybe something along those lines like graphic designing.


BD: How is it going?
DS: Just like any other industry, art encounter so many challenges but it’s one hell of an awesome ride to be on. Anything you can do in any other industry you can do it with art too.

BD: What sort of work are you doing?
DS: For now I only do portraits. Because I am still trying push my work. So I decided to stick to portraits until the time is right to start with paintings or other forms of art


BD: Most portraits look like serious work, is there a theme you pursue in doing portraits?
DS: I would say most of my own portraits are about happiness, passion or say joy. You will notice that most drawings are of smiling faces or laughter. That’s what I have been trying to or what I will always try to communicate.

BD: What do you love the most about your work?
DS: What I love most about my work would be the way I am so unique in the way I go about it. That is what makes my art stand out or be known as my trademark. It’s not the same as artists that have studied for it. You will understand or notice one or two things similar in their work. Since this some self-taught thing that’s what I love the most…. Different!

BD: It was a huge decision to drop journalism in which you hold a Diploma for art which you never studied for. What does it mean to be an artist for you?
DS: To be an artist is the courage of wanting to be free, the will of wishing to fly without wings through the medium that you use, the desire to be best… So I would say to anyone wanting to become an artist that it’s possible and simple but it just needs dedication and commitment. And it needs love!

BD: It helps to have an understanding family too!
DS: Despite the fact that one artist that made me fall in love with art, I can say my family always supports my work, and this alone brings so much excitement of being myself. And well sometimes inspiration comes from within and just the thought of trying to do more is enough.

BD: Where to from here?
DS: Mmm… this question really gets me thinking… We plan so many things to do with our lives yet we have no idea of what our next minute holds. So I always say through God’s will I would love to be known without introducing myself and maybe own my art gallery in years to come.


BD: Wise philosophy indeed. What has being an artist taught you?
DS: I have learnt a lot rby being an artist alone. I have learnt that patience brings you fortune, that things need to be given the time they need. And I have learnt that to be trustworthy will bring more amazing results. Finally, I have learnt that it’s not a competition but just a step to better chase perfection.


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  1. chrispin mang'anda  July 11, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Way to go brother #wiseman

  2. Edward sanudi  July 11, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Keep on keeping on fam


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