Beyond Serendipity

As one visible life giving light is blacked out,

Rays of renewal bleed in slowly, painfully.

Time to sow, soar higher.

Embracing the chance to deliver

a future, pregnant with opportunity.

Birthing vision, promise, a future cloaked in uncertainty,

Mingling awkwardly in serendipity.


As surely and as purely as light

begins to take leave of the day,

The invisible masked imposter of fear,

Agonisingly blankets the terrain.

His tenure short-lived, but east to west

A blinding chasm seemingly rules,

Throttling the promise of daylight.

The unwelcome prince cruelly snuffs the light,

Supplanting it with his gifts of gloom.


Destructive haste, his signature mark.

The frail in soul and spirit succumb,

As darkened vision suffocates nuggets of hope.

Making reluctant prisoner, the offspring of light.

Hope shattered to pieces, like sand on the sea-shore,

Flattened motionless by the crashing waves.


Then without warning or perceptible sign,

The legions of the dark steal themselves from the stage.

Vanishing in a trail of lifeless clues,

Except the scars of invisible principalities,

Jostling for hopelessly muddled souls.

Whose end game is dust returning to dust?


The deathly gloom lifts, as light coyly caresses the horizon.

Then the nightmare of extra-terrestrial warfare loses its sting.

Light unmasking the fa├žade of death sealed survival,

Triumphing brilliantly over mortally wounded darkness.

The next episode, varies not the theme of the sorry dance,

Only the choices made by the unwitting causalities,

Carry the potential, to author a different script for destiny.


Obi Mandimutsira

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